How much storage do I need Exeter?

Good question, it’s all about space and the type of storage you need. Let us try and help but first remember all houses are different so any prices or spaces listed are a guide and based on an average

There are some other things to consider as well…

It’s a good idea to and be realistic about how long you will need storage for – if it’s a week or so the price may not really matter but when you are looking at long term storage this can really start to add up. So many places offer amazing deals on your first 4, 8 or 12 weeks of storage only to ramp up their prices after that point knowing full well most people need storage far longer than initially expected.

Do you need access to the goods in store? If so, this will cost you more but also plan for this and get a bit of extra space. Also keep things you are going to need near to the door of the storage unit (load these first when loading your van so they come off last)

Are you using a removal company? Do they have their own store? This makes life so much simpler as you are only dealing with one supplier for the move in, the storage and the move out. They should also be able to supply your packing materials and deal with insurance and so on

Many removal companies will offer a discount on a move into their own storage facility plus you are using experts so your goods should be safe and well looked after throughout the entire process

Your removal company doesn’t have their own storage? Why not ask if they work with a storage company that they can recommend and perhaps offer a discount with

Is insurance extra ? Do check this in advance and you may also want to speak to your home insurer as some will extend cover to items in store

Is a padlock extra and do you need to supply any floor coverings? All things we have heard that cost extra with some storage in Exeter, but not with us!

Will they change their prices depending on demand? Also take a look at our guide to hidden charges when using some storage Exeter places ( STORAGE STORY )

Anyway, our guide on how much space you need…

How much storage space do I need?

Storage space estimate

MWB van load storage space = 35ft/sq – 50ft/sq

LWB van load storage space = 50ft/sq – 65ft/sq

Luton van load storage space= 70ft/sq to 90ft/sq

1 bed flat storage space = 70ft/sq to 90ft/sq

2 bed flat storage space = 90ft/sq to 120ft/sq

2 bed house storage space = 105ft/sq to 140ft/sq

3 bed house storage space = 175ft/sq to 210ft/sq

4 bed house storage space = 245ft/sq to 310ft/sq

Remember what you can’t store… gases and flammable items are a no no for storage, also pot plants cannot be stored – maybe you can find a green fingered friend to be a “plant sitter “ for you

Can you get rid of things? Your old 3 seat sofa and a couple of other items might mean an extra or bigger unit – think of that at £14 per week over a year and that’s a staggering £728 – maybe just buy a new one later!

Here at Van Man Removals and Storage we are happy to supply a quote for your move and storage with us but also we can give you an indication on what size storage unit we recommend if you are storing else where

How much does storage cost Exeter?

Using the figures above we can give some storage estimates based on our current rates and as part of a removal

MWB van load storage price = £14.40 - £24

LWB van load storage price = £24 - £28.80

Luton van load storage price= £43.20 - £55.20

1 bed flat storage price = £43.20 - £55.20

2 bed flat storage price = £43.20 - £57.60

2 bed house storage price = £48 - £60.00

3 bed house storage price = £72 - £86.40

4 bed house storage price = £100.08 - £125.50

Our prices are per week and include VAT

We don’t do gimmicks or deals just straightforward pricing

Please get in touch if we can be of any further assistance with your storage Exeter or Removals in Exeter