Trusting your mover

There have been a couple of worrying stories in the news this last week or so about dodgy ‘man and van’ set-ups stealing customers’ goods.

Mirror article

This is Money article

This is clearly an irregular and extreme worry for a customer but it does highlight how important it is to be able to trust the people who are coming to move everything that you own, doesn’t it?

We have some top tips on how to choose a respected and trustworthy mover. Also don’t forget that even the best companies make mistakes now and then so having an idea how they will deal with a breakage, for example, is useful to know.

It hopefully goes without saying that we at Van Man Removals Exeter tick all the below boxes!

Recommendations Have you got friends or family who have moved recently? Maybe they can recommend a mover – or even tell you who to avoid!

Reviews Find a mover with good reviews, but make sure these are genuine. Facebook reviews can be easily manipulated. We use Freeindex

Trade body Find a mover in a respected trade body. Van Man Removals Exeter are members of the Federation of Removers

Price Remember you are looking at moving your prized possessions here so please expect to pay a fair price for this service. A decent mover has high overheads to pay such as staff wages, insurance and vehicle maintenance, so if the price seems too cheap, it probably is!

VAT A VAT registered company will likely have a decent turnover and it’s another sign of professionalism and openness about earnings

3 quotes Always get three quotes for any service you are booking - this will give you a good idea of varying prices and levels of service

Buy with Confidence Your local council should run this scheme through their trading standards team and this is a directory of trusted and vetted companies - our removals page

Insurance If something does go wrong then are you covered. Van Man Removals Exeter take the unusual step to publish our core insurance policies on our website to prove our legitimacy 



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