Moving Pot Plants

One of the trickiest items to move are pot plants. Awkward shapes, often wet and always un-stackable they can be the bane of a removal persons day. But with proper planning this can all be avoided so top tips would be –

1) Make sure your mover is aware of how many pot plants you have, and be fair to them. We would assume a pot plant to be of a standard size so if what you actually have is closer to a barrel with a 10ft tree in it then let them know !!

2) If you mover is coming to see you maybe opt for a day time quote so its easier to see the outdoor items in the light or if you are arranging a quote remotely why not email some photos over.

3) Empty as many pots as you can – this will save you space in the lorry and keep costs down

4) Can you keep them out of the rain for the few days before the move so they are as dry as possible ?

5) And please remember that if you are going in to storage then it’s very unlikely that you can store your plants. Why not see if you can get a friend or relative to “plant sit” for you and then get your mover to drop these off with the friend, for you.

Moving pots is not a problem we just need to plan for these items. To arrange your free removal quote please get in touch via - Get a Quote 

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