Packing a glass-fronted display cabinet



Glass-fronted display cabinets need a great deal of care when being moved. If you opt to pack for yourselves then follow these simple tips to make sure it arrives at the new house in the same condition it left.

First move the item from the wall so you have room all around it. Remove any glass shelves or loose shelving.







Wrap the glass area with a protective product – we would recommend an export wrap-style covering such as Furni-Soft, as pictured. Failing that bubble wrap will do. Securely tape this down, but don’t let the tape stick to the actual unit as some tapes leave a residue.







Cut cardboard to size or use a box – we have shown both options.







Tape this cardboard down securely.








If the unit has glass sides then fold the card around the corner. This pictured unit didn’t but we have shown an example of this also.

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