change your space exeter GETTING SET FOR MOVING - De-clutter!

We’re often asked by customers how they can prepare for selling their houses and what they can do to help us before we arrive  for the move. We turned to the professionals at “Change Your Space” in Exeter for some expert advise on de-cluttering prior to moving house

Devon based professional organiser, Jasmine Sleigh from Change Your Space  tells us the three major reasons to start sorting your cupboards several months ahead of move day.

1. Creating space to get the best price for your property

Most people make up their minds about a property in less than a minute. That’s how long you have to get it right. And that startling fact is why presenting a clutter-free home is so important. It gives people the best chance of imagining themselves happily living in the property. When people view a house they don’t see your home. They are projecting themselves and their lifestyle on to the space they are walking through. They try to imagine themselves living there. The more clutter and confusion you present them with, the harder it is for them to visualise the space as their next home. You will want to create a sense of space to show your home at its best for sale.

2. An important chapter change offers a unique chance to re-evaluate

You do not want to be rushed when you are starting to go through cupboards and deciding what to keep and what to rehome. You will find hidden treasures and memories in those cupboards, some to preserve and some to let go of. Moving house is a significant life event so give yourself time to assess the practical use, or sentimental value of your belongings. You will want to keep things together, labelled and safe so that important items are to hand when you move to your next house. You can quickly make that new property your new home.

3. Make and save money

There are financial benefits to de-cluttering, with the average home estimated to have about £600 of unused and unloved items in cupboards and lofts. If the statistics are true on top of this nearly a third of the contents found in the average home is considered clutter, then you can save a lot on your removals cost by not transporting items you no longer value or use. It will surprise you what you can rehome elsewhere after years of accumulating clothes, toys, books, magazines, and household objects.

If you would like to chat with Jasmine to see how she can help give her a call on 07739455310 or drop her an email to

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